Topic: Consistency, Motivation and Goal-Setting

5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Go through this short article and plan how you can take these tips and apply them into your everyday motivation.


David Edward Garcia is a motivational speaker and comedian that speaks at middle schools around the world.


This is a video about understanding what we can and cannot control. As you watch, consider which locus of control you think you have and think about what you can do to change your mindset to make you a more motivated person

Keeping Yourself Motivated

Here are some more tips on how to keep yourself motivated so you can achieve your goals every day. These goals focus on the realistic ability for everyone to complete them daily.

Setting Goals

Practice goal-setting with your friends and family with this activity, Wheel of Fortune

Dreaming BIG

Check out this Ted Talk, where a teen scientist talks about dreaming BIG when she sets her goals. Enjoy!


Caregivers and teens, let’s have a conversation about consistency!


Motivation is essential for you to do well in school and in life. Listen to this speech Michelle Obama gave at a college graduation ceremony.

Family Activity

When it’s time to play with your family, practice goal-setting with this activity, called Three Stars and a Wish