Topic: Managing Emotions

Managing Emotions

Here is a video about what teenagers do to help them understand and manage their emotions. Think about what things you can do to help manage stress.

Just Go To Bed

Sometimes it can be very hard to go to bed, especially when we don’t have to go to school the next day. Maybe during this time, you are going to bed a little later than normal and are having a hard time getting to sleep. Check out this book titled Just go to Bed and … Continued


This book talks about all the feelings we feel. Join the girl in the story as she experiences multiple emotions from silly to sad, and disspointed to shy. How are YOU feeling today?

Belly Breathing

Let Esme and Roy teach you Belly Breathing while you sing and breathe along!

Family Activity

Grab a family member, and have fun thinking about what bugs you — and how to deal!

Family Activity

Kids, grab a grown-up in the house and ask them if they can do this activity with you, and have a talk about how sometimes we learn from losing!

Feeling Angry

Check out this video about how a stickman deals with his anger: What do you do when you are feeling angry or frustrated?

Clark the Shark read by Chris Pine

This is a story about an overly excited shark who has a hard time controling his emotions. Have you ever had a hard time controlling your emotions? You will find out an important lesson he learns that helps him, and maybe it will help you, too!