Topic: Nature

Pollinator (Grades 6-12)

Bees play an important role in our ecosystem! Grab a snack of Cheetos are Takis and follow the activity to see what pollination is all about.


At Camp we measure our ORT, or Organic Recyclable Trash in an effort to reduce food waste. Do you know what your foods carbon footprint is? Check it out here:

Rock Scavenger Hunt

Our friends at the Urban Ecology Center shared a really fun rock scavenger hunt! Take a walk and keep an eye out for all the special rocks around you!

Sandhill Cranes

Our Sandhill cranes are HUGE birds! How do you measure up to a crane?

Sandhill Cranes

Our friendly (and loud) sandhill cranes have returned to Camp for another year of nesting. Check out this activity packet from the International Crane Foundation for information and activities about Cranes!

Science in the Dark

On night hikes we do a lot of science experiements to learn how our eyes work at night. These same experiments can be done in a dark spot in your home!

Sidewalk Constellations (Grades K-5)

The night sky is filled with stars! One of our favorite things to do at Camp is stargaze. Follow this activity with some chalk and rocks to match the night sky