Topic: Self-Awareness

Family Activity

Nothing is better than being able to tell your own story. Check out the attached activity to help you tell you own story — even better if you can grab someone in the house to write alongside you, and share it with!

Family Activity

Do some fancy artwork using your handprint, and see if you can uncover what makes you YOU!

TED Talk

The following Ted Talk is by teens, for teens –Emotional Intelligence from a Teen Perspective

Dominate Self-Awareness

This is a cool video titled: How to Dominate Self-Awareness — Know your Strengths and Weaknesses!

Emotions 101

We hope you enjoy this article from TeensHealth magazine, called Emotions 101

Teen Poem

Writing is a positive way to express our emotions. Sometimes we want to say how we feel, but the right words just don’t come out. Read this poem written by a teen.

Family Activity

Have you ever seen the movie Inside Out? It’s worth a look through older eyes. Check out this activity around getting in touch with your feelings.