Topic: Self-Care and Stress Management

Family Activity

Even when we’re talking about stress, we can still have some fun! Check out this activity to explore with someone in your family, and hopefully figure out what makes you stressed, and how to cope!

10 Tips to Manage Stress

We all have experienced stress. Things like, peer-pressure, homework, friends, and parents are a few of the stressors that teenagers experience. Read this article that provides 10 tips on how teenagers can successfully manage stressful situations.

Family Activity

To say that the world is under a lot of stress right now is an understatement. Every Time you turn on the TV or check your phone there seems to be another reason for your stress level to increase. Please take care of yourself, and check out this article from the Compassion Reslience toolket for … Continued

How to Manage Stress

Many teens have been worried about a lot lately — graduation, college and friends are all things that can stress you out. Check out this amazing video created by teens about stress and how they manage it.

Cup of Water

This is a great video that explains how stress occurs. It describes stress as an overflowing cup of water. The video provides tips on how to not let your cup overflow with stress.

Stress Management Tools

Here is a great article directed to teenagers. This article talks about effective stress management tools. If you are feeling stressed, read this article and you may find some techniques that can help you relieve your stress.

Facing Stress

We all face stresses in life — schoolwork, tests, relationships, family conficts, and so much more! How can we deal with it?

Understanding Self-Care

Stress managenent and self care are two really important practices because making time for both of them will help us have better days and experiences.

Self-Care Activities

With the constantly changing world we are living in some of your stress levels might be higher than normal. In this video from Everyday Health you can get some insight on self-care activities for when you may feel stuck at home.