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What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is a national program that places individuals into communities in need to provide a term of service. These terms can be part-time, full-time, or summer-based. Service experience can be flexible and varies based on interest and background.

Boys & Girls Clubs AmeriCorps Positions

Boys & Girls Clubs offers a variety of full-time, part-time, and summer positions both at our city locations and at Camp Whitcomb/Mason in Hartland. Our AmeriCorps members are engaged in the following program areas: Arts, College Access and Career Readiness, Early Literacy, Environmental Education, Socio-Emotional Learning, and STEM Instruction.

Benefits of Serving in AmeriCorps

  • Build relevant and meaningful experiences while serving your community.
  • Receive a biweekly living allowance during your service term.
  • Education Award (up to $6,345) to help pay for college, graduate school, vocational training, or repay loans. Additional education awards are available with additional terms of service.
  • AmeriCorps members at Camp Whitcomb/Mason receive free housing and free meals (summer only).
  • Student loan deferment and payment of interest accrued.
  • Members are eligible for free professional development opportunities, such as CPR/First Aid and Trauma Informed Care.
  • Many AmeriCorps alumni at Boys & Girls Clubs move on to additional professional opportunities within the organization.

Interested in teaching?

Our SPARK Early Literacy Program improves reading comprehension of kindergarten through third grade students with one-on-one tutoring.

You will make meaningful connections with students, learn to identify the needs of youth, and create customized lesson plans.

You will also engage in decision-making, behavior management, and develop other leadership skills.

Since 1911, thousands of young people have come to Camp Whitcomb/Mason for outdoor adventures, comradeship, and a chance to learn in a fun and safe environment.

As an AmeriCorps member you will develop and innovate fun ways to engage an audience and implement alternative plans with unexpected changes.

You will learn to collaborate with your fellow team members and campers and receive training and certifications in CPR, first aid, and any activity specialist certifications.

While all members are exposed to arts programming, the Clubs give further professional and career building opportunities to youth who demonstrate interest and talent. We believe it is critical that members are exposed to the vibrant arts community within their own city and understand they can have a real future in the arts — as artists, performers or patrons.

AmeriCorps members network with community artists, performers, and organizations to deliver quality arts programming to Club Members. You will model professionalism and compassion by managing a group of members while contributing to the growth and development of each participant.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) programs enable youth to be effective, engaged thinkers that are ready for the future. As an AmeriCorps member, you will engage youth in experiential learning and expose them to STEM related careers. You’ll develop and implement fun and innovative activities to engage youth in a meaningful way. You will collaborate with your team and other community leaders and encourage the social, emotional, and educational growth of Club Members by providing a safe place to learn.

Do you enjoy helping kids set goals and developing their interpersonal skills?

Inspire HOPE is a Boys & Girls Clubs initiative focused on fostering the growth of Social-Emotional skills for all club members. These skills are imperative to setting a positive Club climate, and creating an environment where everyone feels safe and secure.

  • Work with Club youth to develop their social-emotional competencies.
  • Celebrate positive behavior and become a champion for Club-wide climate.
  • Create and develop lessons to conduct at Club locations.

Do you enjoy working with teenagers to help them realize their full potential?

Boys & Girls Clubs renowned College Access and Career Development departments are looking for AmeriCorps members to join their team. Our vision is for Club teens to develop the skills and resources necessary to graduate high school and enter college or the workforce with a plan to succeed.

  • Provide guidance on college access, including: application and scholarship assistance, financial aid, and seminars on how to prepare for life in college.
  • Conduct job readiness and financial literacy trainings, and assist with career exploration workshops.
  • Provide mentoring and tutoring services for students in need.

AmeriCorps Service Requirements and Compensation

Term of Service Hour Commitment Living Allowance Education Award
Full Time 1,700 $18,000 $6,495
Half Time 900 $9,000 $3,247.50
Reduced Half Time 675 $7,000 $2,474.27
Quarter Time 450 $4,700 $1,718.25
Minimum Time 300 $3,150 $1,374.60

*Full time AmeriCorps members are eligible for medical benefits

Interested in serving with Boys & Girls Clubs?

Please contact Joe Schmidlkofer, Director of AmeriCorps Programs at (414)267-8169 or

AmeriCorps positions are posted online in our Careers Portal. Enter “AmeriCorps” in the search field.