A Club for Champions in the Community

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A Club for Champions in the Community

When it comes to supporting youth in the community, we know it takes a village. Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee is proud to have many corporate partners that support our mission and serve as champions within the community. These collaborations with community partners help our members build good character, leadership skills, and long-lasting relationships.

Among the Clubs’ amazing partners are Wisconsin’s local sports teams. Whether it is supporting the Clubs through financial gifts, scholarships, health and wellness activities, once in a lifetime experiences, or providing hope for a better future, they truly are champions on and off the field. These partnerships with the Milwaukee Admirals, Brewers, Bucks and the Green Bay Packers have helped push our Club members to strive for greatness.

The Milwaukee Admirals and their owner Harris Turer have been supporters of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee for many years. Because of their support, the Clubs have been able to offer scholarships to deserving students within our Graduation Plus program through the Soref Scholarship – a scholarship fund created by Harris Turer to highlight his father’s impact on the community. On behalf of the Admirals, Harris Turer also provides tickets to members of the Grad Plus program, so that families can bond together without having to spend money at the game. This past Christmas, Milwaukee Admirals players went above and beyond by visiting our Pieper-Hillside Club and donating gifts to a few families just in time for the holidays. We’re incredibly grateful for all their support.

Our 11-year partnership with the Milwaukee Brewers has allowed us to support the RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) program. The RBI program provides disadvantaged youth an opportunity to learn baseball and softball. The goals of the RBI program are to increase participation and interest in baseball and softball among underserved youth, to promote greater inclusion of youth with diverse backgrounds, and to teach teamwork and to encourage academic achievement. This program does a lot for the youth we service because it is not only about baseball, but because through baseball it teaches our members teamwork, helps develop leadership skills, and keeps them physically active. The Brewers are also very hands-on with our RBI team. Last Fall, Lorenzo Cain and Jeremy Jeffress spent time with our RBI members at our Mary Ryan Club and donated baseball equipment, including gloves, bats, hats, jerseys and baseballs. More recently, Ryan Braun surprised 5 of our RBI Club members with autographed jerseys and a shopping spree sponsored by Kohl’s. One of our members said, “It was a dream come true”. Our RBI Club members will never forget this amazing experience.

The Milwaukee Bucks, a proud supporter of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, have done a lot to help give back to the community. This long-lasting partnership has given our Club members experiences they could only dream of. Last spring, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Giannis Antetokounmpo teamed up to give 13 of our Club members a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Giannis surprised our Club members with autographed jerseys and a shopping spree sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods. This spring, the Milwaukee Bucks celebrated International Women’s Day by taking a group of Club members shopping, giving them makeovers, and a free professional photoshoot in support of our G.I.R.L.S programs. The G.I.R.L.S program was created to inspire young women to be the best that they can be and to teach self-love. This program also gives young women access to female role models who can serve as mentors. The program has been successful in empowering young women and developing them to be future leaders. The Bucks also sponsored a renovation of the gym at our Pieper-Hillside Club earlier this year. They provided new basketball hoops, safety pads, a new scoreboard, and new colors along the walls to change the “feng shui.” This gift from the Bucks impacts the heart of the Pieper-Hillside Club because the gym is where our members create long lasting memories and spend majority of their free time.

To highlight another champion of our community, the Green Bay Packers have done a great deal to contribute to Club members health and overall well-being. Last year in April, the Green Bay Packers hosted its annual Tailgate Tour at the UWM Panther Arena to help fundraise for Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee. Team President Mark Murphy kicked off the event with some inspirational words of encouragement to express how important Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee is to the community. This event included a Q&A with players, an autograph session and a dance performance by the Boys & Girls Clubs Davis Dancers. In June of 2018, the Green Bay Packer and Kohl’s hosted a health and wellness day with Club members to teach them the importance of staying active and healthy eating habits. The Green Bay Packers and Kohl’s have made it their mission to teach health and wellness within Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee for the past 2 years. Be sure to check out a photo gallery of the event below from our Facebook page!

In addition to all the other support they provide, our local sports teams work to make sure secondary education is attainable for Club members across the state through the Home Team Scholarship. Each of the four teams, plus FOX Sports Wisconsin, each provide $5,000 towards the Home Team Scholarship Fund, which are allocated to those who participate in the Wisconsin Youth of the Year competition. In addition, FOX Sports Wisconsin has been a long-time sponsor of the local Milwaukee Youth of the Year. These contributions from our champions go a long way toward providing great futures and being A Club for Every Kid.