Helping Club members find their footing

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Helping Club members find their footing

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee is proud to offer an amazing dance program at the Don & Sallie Davis Boys & Girls Club made possible by a multi-year investment in Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s arts programming by The Wallace Foundation. The secret to Boys & Girls Clubs’ success in programs like Davis Dancers rests in our dedicated staff, who devote countless hours to supporting Milwaukee’s youth. One shining example is our Davis Dancers instructor and professional artist, Cedric Gardner, who uses his own rising star to bring incredible opportunities to talented Club members.

Cedric was recently profiled by Milwaukee Magazine in a wonderful article detailing his history as a professional dancer and choreographer, as well as his drive to use those talents to benefit Club members. Thanks to Cedric’s professional connections and earnest desire to give back, the Davis Dancers enjoyed being featured in a video supporting We Are Teachers and PepsiCo Recycling, a second-place finish in their group at the Monsters of Hip-Hop national dance competition and an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Our Club members cherish these and other unique opportunities made possible by staff like Cedric, whose efforts have helped skyrocket enrollment from less than 10 to more than 300! (NOTE, this was per Milwaukee Mag, I haven’t corroborated this information.)

We appreciate Cedric’s efforts to expand the potential of our creative youth and thank Milwaukee Magazine for covering his story!

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