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Boys & Girls Clubs Career Development programs help Milwaukee youth develop the skills they need to succeed in the workforce. Through Club programs, members are introduced to a variety of work environments, guest speakers, worksite tours and hands-on experience, as well as career and financial planning assistance. For many members, this is their first opportunity to explore different industries and develop personal and professional goals. By following our career development programming path, they are able to gain the skills and training necessary to successfully find employment.

Brighter Futures Program

Brighter Futures provides wrap around Career Development programming for high school students throughout Milwaukee County. A partnership between Boys & Girls Clubs and Employ Milwaukee, this initiative features dedicated full-time Clubs staff who work with students in socio-economic development activities, job readiness skills, tutoring and mentoring services, career exploration and more. Click here to learn more about Brighter Futures and learn about some of our programs below.

Certified Phlebotomy Technician

In this 8-week medical training program for students 17 and older, students learn the proper practices and procedures used in medical facilities such as phlebotomy fundamentals, safety and compliance, processing specimens, and more.

Certified Medical Assistant

In this 7-week program, high school students earn a nationally accredited certification as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA), first aid certification, and learn the proper practices and procedures used in medical facilities.

Information Technology Technical Support

This 40-week program offers high school students a diploma in Information Technology Technical Support. Students will gain extensive skills in supporting network systems and computer devices, IT software, systems, and systems, and more.

Certified Nurse’s Aide

In this free four-week program for high school students. CNA students will learn about patient care, anatomy, physiology, infection control, rehabilitation and restorative care, cultural diversity, and more.

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

Upon completion of this 16-week program, high school students receive college credit and the opportunity to test for Certified Medical Administrative Assistant credentials, and gain skills in customer service, HIPPA and EMR training, and more.

Culinary Arts

In this training course, students will receive ServSafe Certification and learn kitchen basics such as food handling and safety, knife skills, baking, table setting, food recipes, meal prep, and more.

Entry-Level Welding

In this 12-week program, high school students gain the skills required to perform and continue leanring on the job as a welder. They will learn about gun metal arc welding, thermal cutting processes, safety and health, and more.

To begin the enrollment process in a Brighter Futures program, please fill out the Referral Form and our team will get back to you. A downloadable version of the form is available here. For questions about any of our programs, please email

Additional Programming

In addition to our Brighter Futures programs, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee is proud to offer members even more programming to further technical skills, aid in career development, and set them up for success.

Driver’s Education

This monthly, three-week driver’s education course offers members ages 15-17 the opportunity to earn their driver’s license.


The B!KE program, open to in-school youth ages 14-21, is a paid internship opportunity for Milwaukee Area youth to gain valuable work experience and become certified bike mechanics. The program is divided into three, two-month phases between the BGC B!ke shop and our partners, DreamBikes and Bublr Bikes.

Notes for Notes

This program gives members the opportunity to explore, create and record music under the guidance of Notes for Notes producer Dae Hill. Members can write, sing and produce music and will be introduced to new career paths within the music industry.

Career & Employment Opportunities

Boys & Girls Clubs prepare club members who complete their participation in World of Work, Industry Exposure & Skills Training and Internships to enter post-secondary education with career goals in mind or find full-time, unsubsidized employment.

World of Work | Ages 5-21

Utilizing a combination of classroom training, job shadowing and internships, World of Work helps members ages 5 to 21 years old prepare for employment and gain work experience. Program goals include teaching youth how to apply for a job, gain skills that lead to permanent employment and manage their incomes.

Industry Exposure & Skills Training | Ages 14-21

With an emphasis on careers and not just jobs, Industry Exposure & Skills Training programming gives members ages 14-21 years old exposure to careers in a variety of industries. Through hands-on experience and paid work experience, students acquire skills to be successful in future careers and in some cases, earn industry-specific certifications.

Internships | Ages 15-21

Through partnerships with the private sector, the Clubs provide youth ages 15-21 years old with internship opportunities in the retail, healthcare industries, IT, auto mechanics, engineering fields and more. Internships let Club members put their training into practice while building resume-worthy experience and earning wages, which are subsidized through state government programs.