Boys & Girls Clubs sports programs allow youth to participate in organized leagues under the direction of professional coaches at little to no cost. Not only is it great for team-building, sports programming is often the first Club experience for many kids who go on to enroll in educational, arts and careers programming as well.

Typically, thousands of Club members engage in Sports & Recreation programs at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee annually, enjoying activities in a variety of sports, including basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and more. As we continue to navigate the current climate during the pandemic and plan to welcome our members to Club locations in greater numbers in the future, we look forward to one day enjoying those sports together again. For more information about any of our sports & recreation programs, contact Eric Ashley: (414) 267-8136 or via email:

Boys & Girls Clubs is proud to offer the following Sports & Recreation programs currently:

Boys Baseball will offer league play this fall with entry into the Milwaukee Area Baseball League. The Clubs will field two teams in this league: A U15 junior varsity team, and a U16 varsity team. League play begins August 15 and will run through September 26.

Off-season workouts for aspiring baseball & softball players will begin September 13 and run through the end of April.

For more information, contact Randy Hogan:

Boys & Girls Clubs will host a 5th-6th grade basketball league this fall. The league will be held at the Mary Ryan Boys & Girls Club and will run from September 21 through November 9. Please call (414) 267-8136 for details on this league.

3-on-3 basketball also continues this fall with several Clubs offering in-house leagues. Leagues will run from September 28 through November 9.

For more information, contact Jamar Wills:

This course is designed to teach chess fundamentals to beginners of all ages. Members will learn the moves of each chess piece and learn how to engage in competitive play. Once they learn how to play, they will have the option of competing in real tournaments with other players from around the world!

For more information, contact Eric Ashley:

Dance lessons are offered at various legacy Club locations throughout the fall. For more information, contact Cedric Gardner:

Our popular Fantasy Football League will return in the fall. The fantasy draft will be held on September 8. Please contact Jamar Wills for details: (414) 372-6810 or via email:

The Pull Your Own Weight program is designed to build self confidence in our members by strengthening their bodies, keeping them physically fit, building good nutritional habits, and helping them to set and achieve goals.

For more information, contact Eric Ashley:

Triple-Play Healthy Habits focuses on helping youth make healthy eating choices. The program consists of 14 progressive, interactive, practical activities that develop a young person’s skill, confidence and motivation to make healthy nutrition choices throughout life.

For more information, contact Eric Ashley: