Topic: Consistency, Motivation and Goal-Setting

Family Activity

Grab some family members and building blocks, and see what you can create with a goal in mind.

Family Activity

Check out these great activities to do with your family, around MOTIVATING yourself!

Family Activity

Grab a grown-up, friend, or family member, and see if you can teach each other a few new moves, and learn a little about consistency and goal-setting at the same time. Enjoy!

Family Activity

Hey Kids! Have you heard of the word Consistency? It means doing something not just one time, but over and over again, to help us learn. Check out this rhyming game to play with a friend or grown-up, to help build up our consistency!

Family Activity

Kids, grab your grown-up to have a conversation about consistency!

Motivational Video

Motivation is what keeps us going every day to do well in school and accomplish our goals. This motivational video will feature some of your favorite movie characters and helps us to feel motivated.

A Motivational Book

Learn about this motivational book Hey Black Child. The second link is a video of Maya Angelou’s, a 3-year-old, reciting the book from memory. She has performed this book across the country as a way to motivate children like her to be proud of who they are and motivate them to follow their dreams.

Riley Can Be Anything

This book, Riley Can Be Anything, is a great motivational book that teaches you that you should never stop trying to reach your goals because you can be anything you want to be.