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Consent Forms & Waivers

BGCGM is thrilled to have your child join us for participation in all Club activities this year! Prior to signing the Consent Forms and Waivers document in your registration packet, please download and review each of these documents. We also strongly encourage you to review the rules with your child so they understand as well. We require acknowledgement of all documents prior to completing your registration.

Please download and review all forms before submitting your membership application. If you have any questions about any of the consent forms and waivers please contact

Alternatively, you may view the full text of the documents below.


An Acceptable Use Policy defines appropriate use of computer equipment and the internet for both staff and members, as approved by the Board of Directors and signed by each staff member and placed in their membership file. 

Responsible Computer Use Guidelines for Members: 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee (BGCGM) computer network and internet access are available to members to enhance their educational experience and help them become literate in an increasingly technological world.

The purpose of this Acceptable Use Policy is to foster the appropriate use of that network, email and the internet. The following guidelines apply to all users, whenever they access any of the BGCGM network connections.

Educational Purpose: 

The BGCGM network has been established for educational purposes limited to classroom activities, school-to-career development and scholastic research on appropriate subjects. BGCGM’s network has not been established as a public access service or a public forum. BGCGM has the right to place reasonable restrictions on the material members access or post through the system. Members are expected to follow this Acceptable Use Policy (as well as other Club rules and policies applicable to members) when in the Technology Center or accessing the network.

BGCGM’s network is considered a limited forum, similar to a school and, therefore, the Club reserves the right to regulate that forum for valid educational reasons. BGCGM will not restrict speech on the basis of a disagreement with opinions you, the members, are expressing. 

You should expect only limited privacy with the content of your personal files on BGCGM’s network. This situation is similar to the rights you have in the privacy of your locker at school. 

BGCGM reserves the right to search your files, if there is a reasonable suspicion you violated this Acceptable Use Policy, Club rules and policies, or the law. 

Unacceptable Uses and Personal Safety: 

You must not post personal contact information about yourself or other people. Personal contact information includes (but is not limited to) home, school or work addresses; telephone numbers; and email addresses. 

You must never agree to meet with someone you have met online without your parent’s approval. A parent or guardian should always accompany you to such meetings. 

You must promptly disclose to a Club staff member any message you receive that is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Illegal Activities: 

You must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to BGCGM’s network, or to any other computer system through BGCGM’s network. This includes attempting to log in through another person’s account or accessing another person’s files. These actions are illegal, even if only for the purpose of “browsing.” 

You must not make deliberate attempts to disrupt the computer system or destroy data by spreading computer viruses. 

You must not use BGCGM’s network to engage in any illegal act, including, but not limited to, arranging for the purchase or sale of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs; engaging in criminal activity; or threatening the safety of another person. 

System Security:

You are responsible for your individual user account and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use your account. Under no circumstances should you provide your password to another person. 

You must immediately notify a Club staff member if you have identified or witnessed a possible security problem. 

Do not look for security problems, because this may be construed as an illegal attempt to gain access. 

Inappropriate Use: 

Restrictions against inappropriate use apply to public message, private message and material posted on web pages. Within reason, freedom of speech and access to information will be honored. 

The following are not permitted: 

• Sending or displaying unkind or offensive messages or pictures, pornography or hate literature 

• Using unkind or obscene language 

• Harassing, insulting or attacking others 

• Intentionally damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks 

• Violating copyright law

• Using another person’s password 

• Trespassing into another person’s folders, work or files 

• Intentionally wasting limited resources (i.e., distributing mass email messages, participating in chain letters, creating or participating in unauthorized newsgroups, and storing files on file servers without proper authorization) 

• Employing the network for commercial purposes, political activities or lobbying

• Installing additional software without prior approval 

• Using portal or proxy websites

Violations may result in the loss of access, as well as other disciplinary or legal action. 

Respect for Privacy:

You must not re-post a message that was sent to you privately, without the permission of the person who sent the message. 

You must not post private information about another person. 

Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement:

You must not plagiarize works you find on the internet. Plagiarism is taking ideas, writing or pictures of others and presenting them as your own. It is dishonorable, and it is a prohibited use of this facility. 

You must respect the rights of copyright owners. Copyright infringement occurs when you reproduce a work that is protected by a copyright without authorization. If a work contains language that specifies appropriate use of that work, you should follow the expressed requirements. Copyright law can be confusing; therefore, if you have any questions, please ask a teacher or Club staff member. 

Disciplinary Actions:

Members who violate the Acceptable Use Policy may be denied future internet and/or network privileges for a defined period of time, and may be subject to other disciplinary measures as set forth by BGCGM policies.


By completing and signing the attached Alternate Arrival/Release Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) you are authorizing Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee (hereinafter “BGCGM”) to release your minor child from BGCGM without a parent/legal guardian present. Please note, by signing the Alternative Arrival/Release Agreement you are acknowledging the following:

1. Safety is BGCGM’s number one priority. Because BGCGM values safety, and due to a general presumption of maturity of most 13-year-olds or older, it is our position that members, 12-year-olds or younger should only be released directly to a parent/legal guardian or authorized person, and that person must be present and sign the member out.

2. You understand that BGCGM’s policy is to only allow members 13-year-olds and older to sign him/herself out.

3. You are requesting that this policy be waived and that your child, who is 12-years-old or younger, be allowed to sign themself out.

4. You understand that once your child has signed themselves out from BGCGM:
a. They will not be allowed back to sign back into the Club site within the same day.
b. BGCGM will not be responsible for the safety of your child after they exit the building.
c. BGCGM staff will not monitor with whom or where your child goes after departing.
d. BGCGM will not make any special notations or phone calls to you, regarding your child signing out.

5. You agree to waive and hold BGCGM harmless from any damage, harm, misconduct, disappearance, or any other circumstance that may occur after your child exits BGCGM’s building/site, which includes but is not limited to injury caused by others, self-inflicted, or traffic/motor vehicles.

6. You understand that this Agreement shall remain enforced and on file until revoked in writing.

By signing, you (the legal guardian/parent with custodial rights to sign on behalf of the below named child), acknowledges your understanding and agreement of the above release and waiver, and voluntarily sign below.


Dear Parent/Guardian:

In an effort to continuously serve members during a Club closure and to provide your child with more program enrichment, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee is providing distance-based and in-Club virtual programming for Club members, through which Club staff will communicate and facilitate program activities through online platforms.

BGCGM will use software, tools and applications provided by third parties that members, parents/guardians and/or staff will access via the Internet and use for purposes of communication and programming. These platforms include: Zoom meeting, Google Classroom, You Tube, Facebook, and and more. These applications will be used for video conferencing, group lessons, chats, and advising, and sharing of projects and lessons. Third-party applications will also be used at times.

This letter seeks consent for your child to utilize these online platforms for distance-based and In-Club, virtual Club program purposes.

All that is needed to get started from home is access to a computer, mobile phone, iPad or Chromebook and an internet connection. In the Club, your child will be provided with a Chromebook and other technology in the classroom.

Our commitment to keeping the young people we serve safe is always our number one priority. BGCGM will actively monitor member activity and will provide internet safety lessons for your child.

Please complete the attached form to record your consent for your child’s use of our virtual programming. Please return the completed form to your Club manager.